Kasteel Cannenburch
Kasteel Cannenburch
Kasteel Cannenburch
Kasteel Cannenburch

Cannenburch Castle - Vaassen

N 52.291636 / E 5.965408

The originally medieval Cannenburch Castle lies amidst woodlands with streams that feed the fish ponds and make the windmills turn. The illustrious field marshall Marten van Rossem was the contractor of the castle. Cannenburch is widely furnished in an authentic 18th century style. Marten van Rossem lived in the 16th century and was a feared leader of the army of the Duke of Gelre. He built this castle around 1543 on the foundations of medieval ruins. His premature death following the pest, prevents van Rossem see the completion of his castle. In the forecourt, there is a bronze statue of the field marshall, sitting peacefully on a bench.

Today Cannenburch is home to a museum with intact furnishings from the past centuries. There are paintings, china, furniture and countless special utensils on display. Many of those utensils had always been in this house. One of the highlights is the christening cup of Elbert van Isendoorn. This was made in 1601 from a coconut covered in silver, which was considered a rare novelty and very costly at the time. The huge number of 17th- and 18th century family portraits is unique. The dining room is equipped with a 17th century ceiling featuring beams decorated with clouds and birds.

Photo 3: Rob Schouten

Stichting Kastelen Buitenplaatsen Landgoederen
Kasteel Cannenburch
Kasteel Cannenburch
Kasteel Cannenburch
Kasteel Cannenburch

Cannenburch Castle
Maarten van Rossumplein 4
8171 EB Vaassen

Contact details
T: 0578-571292
E: cannenburch@glk.nl

The park is accessible; the castle is a museum. For more information, visit the website.

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