Dijk doorbraak Burghsluis
Burghsluis flood disaster

Burghsluis flood disaster - Burghsluis

N 51.672250519599 / E 3.750131902473

Despite the wind coming from the north, the dykes on the south side of the islands break first. The dykes here are lower because the high waves are not taken into account. So this is where the water has free rein first, as it does in Burghsluis.

On the night of 31 January to 1 February, the dike breaks between 04.00 and 06.00. The population wake each other up and as many people as possible flee to drier areas. The centre of Burgh-Haamstede is still just dry and therefore serves as a safe haven for people from the surrounding area.

The photo shows residents of Burghsluis being evacuated. People are still trying to take belongings with them, but most properties have perished.

Photo: © Boersma via Watersnoodmuseum

Dijk doorbraak Burghsluis

Burghsluis flood disaster
4328 NK Burghsluis

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