Polder Molens
Buitenweg Polder Mill and Westbroek Polder Mill

Buitenweg Polder Mill and Westbroek Polder Mill - Oud Zuilen

N 52.134196 / E 5.065306

The mill on the Buitenweg polder is the smallest windmill in the province of Utrecht and located next to it is the largest in the province, the Westbroek polder mill. Together they form a striking sight along the Zuilense Ring. The Buitenweg polder mill was built in 1830 and is a hollow post-mill. The miller must direct the sails and the red upper house completely towards the wind in order to turn and grind. As the mill grinds, it pumps the polder water to the reservoir located higher up.

There is a monumental lock complex located between the Buitenweg and the Westbroek polder mills. The mill was destroyed by fire in 2016 and the Utrechts Landschap managing organisation restored it to its original state in 2017.

Polder Molens

Buitenweg Polder Mill and Westbroek Polder Mill
Oostwaard 2
3611 AW Oud Zuilen

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E: info@molens.nl

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