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Bridge pillars NATO bridge

Bridge pillars NATO bridge - Sleeuwijk

N 51.820696 / E 4.9521898

The pillars of the bridge were built for the Dutch army during the Cold War. That way, in case of an attack, they could get away to the Randstad. In those days, the question was not if the Russians would come, but when. That is why the army devised this 'emergency solution'. The pillars could take a lot: trucks, cannons and even tanks could pass over them. The eleven pillars are still standing, more than 60 years after they were built. You can admire them in the Sleeuwijkerwaard nature reserve.

Photo is for illustration only. Do you have a beautiful photo of the bridge piers? We would love to receive it.

Ter illustratie

Bridge pillars NATO bridge
Hoekeinde 50
4254 LP Sleeuwijk

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