Pakhuis Bremen
Bremen warehouse

Bremen warehouse - Enkhuizen

N 52.7015868 / E 5.2929882

The warehouse at Dijk 28 in Enkhuizen is still a mystery. A possible origin in the VOC era seems plausible, judging by the architectural style. It is an extraordinarily continuous warehouse with a traditional simple roof and the facade that borders on the road. Although little is known about its origin, it has nevertheless become a national monument.

Around 1920 the warehouse was used by CP de Jong & Co Export, they called the warehouse Bremen. After that, the warehouse was restaurant Die Drie Haringhe for 38 years. This name comes from the coat of arms of Enkhuizen: three herrings on a shield, each with a gold star and a gold crown. The shield is in the hands of a woman, probably the city virgin of Enkhuizen.

Pakhuis Bremen
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