Brachter Wald

Brachter Wald - Reuver

N 51.2746338 / E 6.1239494

The Brachter Wald, a nature reserve in the German province of North Rhine-Westphalia, is located on the border. It is part of the Maas-Swalm-Nette Border Park, the three rivers that surround the forest. Until 1996, it was an ammunition depot of the British forces and it was forbidden to enter the area. Since then, the dry sandy soil has transformed into a unique heathland. Here and there, you can still see traces of military use.

Motorised traffic is not allowed in the Brachter Wald, so as a cyclist, you can relax here. There are rare endangered plants and animals. Even big game such as deer and horses can be seen here. There are two viewpoints here for a wonderful view of nature.

At the Witte Stein (near Reuver) you can take a cycling excursion with experienced depot guides. During such an excursion you will learn everything about the nature and the military past of this area.

Brachter Wald

Brachter Wald
Keulseweg 200
5953 HP Reuver

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