Boterhuis Mill
Boterhuis Mill

Boterhuis Mill - Warmond

N 52.186202 / E 4.524152

Maintained by a volunteer miller, the mill served as the main drainage for the approximately 305-hectare Boterhuispolder until 1959. In case of extreme flooding or failure of the pumping station, the mill acts as an auxiliary pumping station.

An old seesaw mill stood here until 1744. In that year, it was replaced by a stone windmill built by Jan Opdam. It cost 4,762 guilders to build the mill. The sails of the mill come so close to the ground that you can literally get a tap from the mill. Hence, this type of mill is also called a 'ground sailor'.

Both the polder and the mill are named after the nearby old residence 'Butterhuys'.

The mill underwent restorations in 1963-'64, 1970 and 1996. Repairs to the stone hull were carried out in 2002. Since 1963, the mill has been owned by the Rijnlandse Mill Foundation.

Boterhuis Mill

Boterhuis Mill
Zijldijk 3
2362 AE Warmond

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T: 071-5164840

Open when the mill is running.

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