Bolgerijense bridge

Bolgerijense bridge - Vianen

N 51.968894 / E 5.0724341

The Bolgerijense bridge is an iron swing bridge that was placed in 1886 over the Merwedekanaal, which was dug a few years earlier. In 1945 the bridge was bombed by the German occupiers and it was not rebuilt until 1949. Material from another bridge that had also been bombed was used for the rebuilding.

The current Bolgerijense bridge revolves around a steel pivot placed on a concrete pivot in the river course. The superstructure rests on a steel plate, which is suspended from the steel spindle cover. The symmetrical bridge is equipped with cross and longitudinal beams, and half-timbered main beams, which are full walled in the middle and also function as a bridge railing. The beams are trusses of the crossed system and are composed of riveted sheet and angle irons. The swing bridge is of cultural-historical and architectural-historical value because of its rarity.

Bolgerijense bridge

Bolgerijense bridge
Bolgerijense Brug
4131 NZ Vianen

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