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Boardwalk Tongeren Estate

Boardwalk Tongeren Estate - Epe

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Tongeren Estate is a low-lying nature reserve on the North Veluwe, consisting of the Tongerense Veen, the Wisselse Veen and the Smidsveen. The wet moors, heaths and fens make it a picturesquely beautiful area. Especially when, after a clear night, the morning mist slowly lifts and all you hear is the sound of rustling trees and singing birds.

The composition of the area allows blue grasslands, peat mosses, various sedges and orchids to bloom here. Around the stream, dragonflies, damselflies and butterflies fly. And if you are lucky, you might even spot the kingfisher!

A walk along the wooden boardwalk is the perfect way to discover this beautiful estate. Moreover, it is a nice addition to your cycle route.

The peat was created by the presence of seepage water, pushed by existing ramparts. The large amount of water that seeps out is crisp, clean and almost constant all year round. The Tongerense Beek originated from the seepage water.

Local residents have been making grateful use of the water for centuries. For instance, the stream served as a water supply for the people of Epen, but also to keep the water mills running.

After it was drained and converted into farmland at the beginning of the 20th century, the area has been returned to nature under the management of the Dutch Estates Foundation since 2014.

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Boardwalk Tongeren Estate
Molenweg 41
8162 PG Epe

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T: 06-55708841

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Open 24 hours
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