Instapvaart de Berkelzomp 'Ente'
Boarding the Berkelzomp 'Ente'

Boarding the Berkelzomp 'Ente' - Lochem

N 52.162757486776 / E 6.423992799

Let yourself be carried along the river De Berkel on a Berkelzomp. This flat-bottomed boat is a replica of the summer boats used for centuries for trading between Zutphen and Vreden in Germany.

During the hour-long cruise, you will sail through the beautiful surroundings and listen to great stories and anecdotes from the boatmen. You sail past Castle de Cloese, the Lochem and Bald Mountain and past Havezathe de Heest.

Experience Lochem and the Berkel as you never have before!

Instapvaart de Berkelzomp 'Ente'

Boarding the Berkelzomp 'Ente'
Stijgoord 2
7241 XA Lochem

Contact details
T: +31573251898

Sailing is possible from April to October. Reservations are required. Sailing times are at 11:00 (minimum 5 people), 13:30 (minimum 2 people) and 15:30 (minimum 5 people). A cruise lasts over an hour.

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