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Blokzijl - Blokzijl

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Blokzijl, a picturesque little town fronted by stately canals and imposing fortifications. Located on the edge of the beautiful Weerribben-Wieden National Park in the Netherlands, it is like stepping back in time to a world full of historical splendour.

The town began as a settlement and grew as a fortress on the former Zuiderzee. In the harbour, you can feel the nostalgic atmosphere and traditions. Blokzijl was an important location, as it was here that hostile Spanish ships were stopped from reaching inland.

The strategic location was also favourable for trade. Thus Blokzijl became a town full of merchants. The Bierkade and Brouwersgracht are reminders of the many breweries that used to be here to supply thirsty people.

Along the quays you can see the high-water cannons. The cannons used to be fired as a warning of impending flooding. Unfortunately, on the night of 4-5 February 1825, the warning came too late for many people. The storm wind and high water broke through the sea wall in several places.

Blokzijl ©WeldadigOord

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