Hoeve Markelo
Hoeve Markelo
Bistro De Hoeve Markelo

Bistro De Hoeve Markelo - Markelo

N 52.2245755 / E 6.475502

Bistro De Hoeve Markelo is a small bistro located at Hogedijk 8 in Markelo. It is a cosy place where you can enjoy a delicious snack and drink. The bistro serves a diverse range of dishes, including soups, salads, sandwiches, meat dishes, fish dishes, desserts and more. The hospitable service, tasty dishes and delicious drinks make De Hoeve Markelo a great place to enjoy. So feel free to pause your bike ride here!

Hoeve Markelo
Hoeve Markelo

Bistro De Hoeve Markelo
Hogedijk 8
7475 PR Markelo

Contact details
T: 0625256170
E: info@dehoevemarkelo.nl

From 1 April, we will be open seven days a week. For our current opening hours, see our website.

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