Geboortehuis Eise Eisinga
Birthplace of Eise Eisinga

Birthplace of Eise Eisinga - Dronrijp

N 53.19628 / E 5.6437621

In this house on Tsjerkebuorren, the world-famous astronomer Eise Jeltes Eisinga was born on 21 February 1744. Like many children at the time, he had to work in his father's business: a wool combing factory. It soon became clear that Eise was an inquisitive little boy. Besides combing wool, his father also taught him about astronomy and mathematics.

At the age of 15, he wrote his own maths book of more than 650 pages. At 18, he wrote two more books: an astronomy book called 'Grondbeginselen der Astronomie of Starre-loopkunde op een Theoretische wijze verhandelt' and a book with drawings of 150 sundials, called 'Gnomonica or Sonnewijsers alle door passer en lijnjaal afpast, op de Noorderbreedte van Dronrijp'.

He then wrote another book in which he had calculated and drawn all solar and lunar eclipses between 1762 and 1800.

Geboortehuis Eise Eisinga

Birthplace of Eise Eisinga
Tsjerkebourren 13
9035 BA Dronrijp

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