Bij Kato Boerderijbeleving
Bij Kato Farm Experience

Bij Kato Farm Experience - Sint-Oedenrode

N 51.542061647035 / E 5.4737202753005

Bij Kato is a pig farm dedicated to animal welfare and the quality of life in the region. Come visit and experience the farm with, for example, the Farm Tour. During this tour, you will meet the Berkhout pigs that live Bij Kato and learn the story of Grandma Dekkers, after whom the farm is named.

Kato lived to be no less than 103 years old and witnessed many developments on the farm during her lifetime. With her, the coffee was always ready for everyone and at the kitchen table, conversations were often about farm life. She is a symbol of the Farm Tour. And that kitchen table? It still stands inside Bij Kato!

Bij Kato is a fun and educational outing for the whole family.

Bij Kato Boerderijbeleving

Bij Kato Farm Experience
Houtsestraat 26
5492 TM Sint-Oedenrode

Contact details
T: 06-46050052

Tours and packages are by reservation.

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