Fietspont Kaag
Bicycle ferry Kaag

Bicycle ferry Kaag - Oud Ade

N 52.199146379391 / E 4.5537200410114

Here you will find the bicycle ferry between Kaag and Oud Ade.

May: Saturday and Sunday
June to August: Monday to Sunday
September: Saturday and Sunday

From Kaag € 2 per person
From Oud Ade € 3 per person, including crossing Kaag-Buitenkaag

Pin is not possible on the boat
With good weather, the waiting time can increase, because the bicycle pound can transport a maximum of 12 people at a time
The bicycle ferry cannot sail in a storm

Fietspont Kaag

Bicycle ferry Kaag
Boekhorsterweg 22
2374 BN Oud Ade

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