Bergherbos - Montferland

N 51.904137 / E 6.235146

The Bergherbos is located between 's-Heerenberg, Doetinchem and Didam. This hilly area of over 1,800 hectares is a lovely location for an active day of cycling or walking. This forest in Gelderland stretches over the slope of the lateral moraine of Montferland. Enjoy the far-reaching views and surprising vistas.

The forest is currently managed by Natuurmonumenten (Society for preservation of nature monuments in the Netherlands) but this hasn’t always been the case. It’s thanks to Dr. Van Heek that we can all still enjoy this gorgeous bit of nature. He bought Huis Bergh and the associated nature reserve in 1912. Timber cultivation and nature conservation were combined. Natuurmonumenten took over management in 1984.


7038 EA Montferland

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From sunrise to sunset.

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