Beach Schellinkhout

Beach Schellinkhout - Schellinkhout

N 52.632754 / E 5.120921

Located west of Schellinkhout on the Markermeer.

The area outside the dyke De Uiterdijk on the Markermeer is located just outside the picturesque Schellinkhout. The Uiterdijk is a unique piece of West Friesland. It is ideal for sports activities such as fishing and swimming. Due to the sloping bottom, it is also safe for novice (kite) surfers. On the other side of the dike is a special nature reserve for water and meadow birds. Throughout the year you can see a variety of bird species here.
But lazing in a chair and reading a book is of course also allowed.

Beach Schellinkhout

Beach Schellinkhout

1697 KL Schellinkhout

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