Batterijen Karnemelksloot
Batterijen Karnemelksloot

Batteries Karnemelksloot | World Heritage the Dutch Waterlines - Naarden

N 52.285291 / E 5.143392

UNESCO World Heritage The Dutch Waterlines tells the story of the strategic use of water in the defence of the Netherlands. The water lines were also called the secret weapon of the Netherlands.

Secret weapon
In a waterline, water is used to stop the enemy. A system of locks, dykes, canals, rivers and pumping stations ensured that entire polders could be flooded. The layer of water was only 40 to 50 centimetres. This was too deep to walk and too shallow to sail. At vulnerable points, forts were built for extra protection. Many of these forts can be visited.

In 2021, UNESCO World Heritage The Stelling van Amsterdam (World Heritage since 1996) will be expanded with the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie to complete the picture of the Waterlinies as one World Heritage Site - the Dutch Waterlines.

Just like the fields of fire around Naarden, the inundation fields are of cultural-historical value. Inundation (putting under water) of the area around Naarden was one of the defence strategies. But Naarden lies high and the water around it had to be held back with a sluice. That sluice had to be defended. Two small defences on either side of Karnemelksloot used to defend the lock in between. They consist of two islands ('batteries') surrounded by moats. Initially only with earthen walls, later both with a guard house.

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Batterijen Karnemelksloot
Batterijen Karnemelksloot

Batteries Karnemelksloot | World Heritage the Dutch Waterlines
Verlengde Fortlaan 116
1412 CV Naarden

Contact details
T: 030-2583603

The batteries are now in use as scouting buildings and can only be visited from the outside.

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