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Atelier Scheperkunst

Atelier Scheperkunst - Dwingeloo

N 52.8463572 / E 6.3976967

Trinette Scheper's art is all about canvas: she paints on canvas, but she also paints with canvas. In 2017, she swapped her easel for the sewing machine. On her paintings, she often got the comment 'it looks like textile'. So she put her money where her mouth is and now creates the most beautiful works of art from colourful pieces of fabric.

You are welcome to come and take a look in her studio. Please make an appointment in advance.

Foto ter illustratie

Atelier Scheperkunst
Holtien 13
7991 PN Dwingeloo

Contact details
T: 0521–591030

You are welcome in the studio, please contact her in advance.

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