Atelier Kiki Liem Woodturning

Atelier Kiki Liem Woodturning - Dwingeloo

N 52.8464446 / E 6.3475916

Kiki Liem makes the most beautiful wooden objects. The beautiful lines in the wood, the warm colours and natural look are what make wood the ultimate material for this artist.

She works with almost all types of wood, such as from olive trees, fruit trees and walnut trees. By turning the wood with a specific technique, all kinds of shapes are created: from bowls, pots, boxes and birdhouses, to sculptures of animals and the free fantasy. You can view the artworks in the open studio.

Atelier Kiki Liem Woodturning

Atelier Kiki Liem Woodturning
Dwingelderdijk 33
7991 RJ Dwingeloo

Contact details
T: 06-22111021

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