Assumburg Castle
Assumburg Castle

Assumburg Castle - Heemskerk

N 52.5051433 / E 4.6851173

Assumburg was built in the 13th century. It had to keep out the grasping West Frisians, but a real siege would probably not have survived. It does have the strong appearance of a castle, but the walls are thin. After Jean Deutz bought the castle in 1694, he had a beautiful garden laid out in the landscape style. The house and gardens deteriorated in the 19th century, but in 1911 it became state property. By converting it into a youth hostel, the castle was restored to its former glory. The gardens, too, have been beautifully restored with an orchard, herb garden, rosary and period garden.

Assumburg Castle

Assumburg Castle
Tolweg 9
1967 NG Heemskerk

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T: +31251232288

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