Amerongse Berg (Hill of Amerongen)

Amerongse Berg (Hill of Amerongen) - Amerongen

N 52.00806 / E 5.482919

The Amerongse Berg is located in the Amerongsche Bosch, one of the oldest forests on the Utrecht Hill Ridge. Some of the coniferous trees here date back to the year 1770!

With a height of almost 70 metres above sea level, the Amerongse Berg is the highest point of the province of Utrecht. The mountain is very steep, which makes it a popular cycling spot for sports cyclists. You can also leave the bicycle behind and make a beautiful walk. Besides a beautiful view, there are many things to see on the mountain. During your hike, you may come across the Waterlook column, a replica of a burial mound, the clay pit and the information column on the top of the mountain.

Amerongse Berg (Hill of Amerongen)

Amerongse Berg (Hill of Amerongen)
3958 AB Amerongen

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T: +31302205555

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