Alpaca Boerderij Hummelo
Alpaca Farm Hummelo

Alpaca Farm Hummelo - Hummelo

N 52.0154278 / E 6.2510687

Do you fancy a meet & greet with one of these cuddly alpacas as a break from your cycling tour? That is possible at the Alpaca Farm Hummelo. But you need to book in advance.

A meet & greet with Marley, Elfy, Peggy, Mickey or Tommy takes about 45 minutes. Did you know that alpacas spit at each other when they are angry? They rarely spit at humans, only when they are sheared.

Alpaca Boerderij Hummelo

Alpaca Farm Hummelo
Broekstraat 12
6999 DH Hummelo

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The Alpaca Farm is open by appointment.

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