Standbeeld Albert Plesman
Albert Plesman statue

Albert Plesman statue - Den Haag

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The Hague aviation pioneer Albert Plesman was the first president- director of KLM. In 1918 he obtained his military pilot's license and in 1919 Plesman co-organized the First Air Traffic Exhibition Amsterdam. The exhibition attracted some 800,000 visitors and special exhibition halls were built. Anthony Fokker took over these halls after the event, so that he could set up aircraft factory Fokker in Amsterdan-Noord here.

As a result of all these activities, the N.V. Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij for the Netherlands and Colonies (KLM) was founded in 1919. Plesman first performed the role of administrator and subsequently became director. After the Second World War, he received the title of President and CEO within KLM. Under his leadership, all damage from the war was repaired and KLM became an airline of great stature.

Albert Plesman died of cardiovascular disease in 1953.

Standbeeld Albert Plesman

Albert Plesman statue
2597 JH Den Haag

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