Akerendam country estate

Akerendam country estate - Beverwijk

N 52.479679 / E 4.652887

Akerendam was built in the 17th century by a wealthy Amsterdammer. In 1852 it came into the hands of Mr. Sluyterman van Loo. His three unmarried daughters destined the house for "housing and nursing of women from the civilized class, unmarried and not widowed, who have led an active life as a teacher, nurse, housekeeper, nanny or in any other occupation and who are no longer, or no longer fully, able to earn their living and who are also not able to provide for their sustenance fully from their own resources".

Akerendam country estate

Akerendam country estate
Velserweg 20
1942 LD Beverwijk

Contact details
T: +31251260650
E: info@fondssluytermanvanloo.nl

The house is sporadically open, for example during Open Monuments Days.

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