Air Despatch Monument
Air Despatch Monument

Air Despatch Monument - Oosterbeek

N 51.993834 / E 5.850526

Near the Airborne Cemetery stands the Air Despatch Monument for the fallen 79 paratroopers of the Air Despatch Squadron. The text on the monument reads:

Dedicated to the memory of the air controllers of the Royal Army Service Corps who, together with aircrews from the Royal Air Force and the Royal Canadian Air Force, gave their lives in courageous efforts to supply the airborne troops during the Battle of Arnhem (Operation Market Garden). 18 - 25 September, 1944. Established by their comrades and Air Force representatives past and present, with the generous assistance of the Mayor and Aldermen of Renkum, and other kind Dutch friends. 18 September, 1994.

Air Despatch Monument

Air Despatch Monument
Van Limburg Stirumlaan
6862 AZ Oosterbeek

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T: 020-7183500

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