Ackerdijkse Bos
Ackerdijk Forest

Ackerdijk Forest - Delft

N 51.979982075123 / E 4.3869974550234

The Ackerdijkse Bos in Midden Delfland is a young forest on the foundations of Roman times. You will find the Melarium; a centre for nature, bees and art, meeting place for beekeepers and scientists. But also Art Centre Delft's sculpture park, which is freely accessible. And the Hortus Oculus, an experience garden for the visually impaired.

It is a bit further from the cycle junctions but you might still spot the huge 12-metre-high tulip vase with Delft blue motif. An intitiative of Land Art Delft, in homage to the city's famous symbol.

Ackerdijkse Bos
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