Abtswoudse Bos
Moeder Aarde | Abtswoudse Bos
Abtswoud Forest

Abtswoud Forest - Delft

N 51.9712503 / E 4.3656891

The Abtswoud Forest is a young forest, under the smoke of Delft, laid out in what used to be meadows. It is a watery deciduous forest, with water features full of aquatic plants and reed beds.

Centrally running through the forest is a land art project: Mother Earth by artist Edith Kieser. It is the representation of a woman's body, shaped by hills, watercourses and ponds. Her arms and legs are planted with berry-bearing bushes, the footpaths on the hills represent her veins.

Abtswoudse Bos
Moeder Aarde | Abtswoudse Bos
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