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Want to cycle around the Randmeren? This is possible!

Make a unique combination between the old country with the beautiful Veluwe and het Gooi on the one hand and the new country Flevoland with its unique nature and wonderful beaches on the other hand. This route covers a total of 5 provinces and is over 180 kilometers long. It therefore invites you to cycle longer cycle routes, but shorter routes are also possible because of the ferries and the bridges. Along the route there are many cultural cities, activities and accommodation options to find a holiday or weekend away at the lakes is highly recommended.

It will surprise you how beautiful that is. Request the free Randmeren cycling route map here.

Also, each separate area on the Randmeren has its own beautiful routes along the Randmeren. Take a few days off and discover that you can cycle and spend the night almost everywhere along the water. Make stops and settle down on a nice terrace for a surprising (regional) lunch.

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