Zuiderpark - Den Haag

N 52.0547608 / E 4.2894042

The Zuiderpark is the perfect place for people of The Hague to relax. The construction of the park dates from 1923, but a lot has changed in the meantime. For example, you can enjoy skating, there is a western playground, in Zuiderpret nature playground you can build a nice tree house or play with water in the stream, enjoy the various gardens and the arboretum with more than 2900 trees, admire art, visit the free Parkpop festival or go for a nice swim. After such a wonderful day at Zuiderpark you can also barbecue.


Mr. P.D. Fortuynweg
2533 SR Den Haag

Contact details
T: 070-3618888
E: info@denhaag.com

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