Wildenborch Country Estate

Wildenborch Country Estate - Vorden

N 52.1211493 / E 6.3844313

In the first mention of De Wildenborch in 1371, robber knight Sweder Rodebaert van Wisch is mentioned as owner. At that time, De Wildenborch was a glorious robber knight fortress surrounded by swamps and therefore easily defended. The gentlemen of Wisch were all formidable. They regularly had conflicts with the Duke of Gelre. In 1490 and between 1506-1508 the castle was besieged a number of times in vain. In 1512 the then resident Johan van Wisch surrendered, but it was not until 1523 that the Duke of Gelre succeeded in taking possession of the robber knight castle and dismantling the defensive work. At the end of the eighteenth century, only the front gate was still standing. The Staring family, of which the poet A.C.W. Staring is one of the best known, is inextricably linked to De Wildenborch. They started rebuilding De Wildenborch in 1782. A residential wing was built against the gate tower and the gate itself was later converted in neo-Roman style.

The country estate consists of a castle with a round tower and side wings, a building house with a coach house attached to it and 38 ha. partly landscaped garden (English landscape style) and partly park forest. There are large water features around the house. The house is privately inhabited and cannot be visited. A visit to the gardens is possible. The sculpture garden is a special sight.

Wildenborch Country Estate

Wildenborch Country Estate
Wildenborchseweg 20
7251 KG Vorden

Contact details
T: +31575556917
E: info@wildenborch.nl

Not to be visited on Day of the Castle. The house and immediate surroundings are not open to visitors. Gardens to be visited by appointment.

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