The saga of Johan van Otterloo
The saga of Johan van Otterloo

The saga of Johan van Otterloo - Otterlo

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Johan was a handsome young man who lived in the humble hamlet of Otterloo. He lived with his mother in one of the many small huts. One day, while gathering wood in the woods, he heard the ringing of a horse harness. He looked up and saw the most beautiful woman on earth: the Countess of Otterloo. He leaned over deeply and therefore did not see her hard eyes, which marred her beauty. From that moment on she met Johan more and more 'by chance' in the woods. The day came when he no longer went home, but to the castle whose gate was wide open. This gate fell heavily into the castle when he was inside. He was given beautiful clothes and gold buckles on his shoes. But of course there could be no question of a marriage.

As time went on, Johan increasingly stood at the window, longing for his former life in which he was poor but free. A jealous page told that to the Countess. He chose his words well and ordered the Countess to fetch Johan. She looked at him and honeyed: 'You are ugly. I hate ugliness! Chased by sticks and dogs he was chased into the woods. No one ever saw him again, but once in a while travelers tell of a young man who suddenly appears in front of them and then disappears into nothingness...

The saga of Johan van Otterloo
The saga of Johan van Otterloo

The saga of Johan van Otterloo
6731 AW Otterlo

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