Farm ‘t Geertje Zoeterwoude

Farm ‘t Geertje Zoeterwoude - Zoeterwoude

N 52.0943779 / E 4.5053364

't Geertje is a welcoming, organic farm where grass and fodder beet grow without fertilizer and chemical pesticides. Unlike ‘conventional cows’, our cows are only given small amounts ofconcentrate feeds. This allows them to grow more naturally and more evenly. And not unimportantly: their diet is more varied, which makes the dairy and the meat taste better!

The farm is open to the public 7 days a week. We don't charge an entrance fee. Please don’t bring in your own refreshments!

Farm ‘t Geertje Zoeterwoude

Farm ‘t Geertje Zoeterwoude
Geerweg 7
2381 LT Zoeterwoude

Contact details
T: 071 580 26 42

Look for opening times on the website of farm ‘t Geertje Zoeterwoude.

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