Demerrondeel - René van Boxtel
Demerrondeel - René van Boxtel

Demer roundel - Heusden

N 51.732339 / E 5.139306

In the Middle Ages, Heusden was walled in with a city wall. There was already a fortified tower on this spot. When at the end of the 16th century the first fortifications were constructed, the city wall was demolished. The roundel on the Demer, as the city canal was called, remained until the nineteenth century. At that time, the tower that had meanwhile been renamed the 'old pigeon tower' was also demolished.

However, this tower was restored in full on the foundations still present from the fourteenth century, after a drawing from 1692. The reconstruction was completed in 1985. Now, the roundel houses the studios of visual artist Josée Bastiaenen and city restorer Iggy 't Hart.

Photo: René van Boxtel

Demerrondeel - René van Boxtel
Demerrondeel - René van Boxtel

Demer roundel
Demer 30B
5256 AD Heusden

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It can always be admired from outside.

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